Kelly Mitchell Gazdowicz

Waiting for June archival prints are now available in the shop in both 8x10 and 11x14 formats.

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Cecropia moth found at dusk in the pines at the farm. 

When Beagles attack. Francis and Charlie being best friends.
The Black Rabbit of Inlé, Gouache on Arches, Kelly Mitchell Gazdowicz

I had the pleasure of writing a quick fur painting tutorial for the Craftsy blog outlining some of the tips I used to create this piece. If anyone has struggled with painting fur textures (I know I have), or would like a sneak peak into my process, the post can be found here:
A sneak peak of a project I’m working on. Finished the weasel and on to the next, a little saw-whet owl. These illustrations are going to be a very special part of a Pacific NW wedding.

Just added a few framed prints to the shop.  

Late Spring is in full force at the farm with blooming lilacs, peonies, lupine and iris.

We went up for the weekend to set up a little display of my prints, cards and pillows at the very lovely My Secret Stash in downtown Traverse City and then spent the rest of our time eating blueberry pie, exploring with the dogs and helping my parents garden (although I was probably more helpful with the pie eating than gardening).

We just got back home from a trip to Eleuthera, a gorgeous island in the Bahamas surrounded by some of the clearest water I have ever seen.

The photos seen here are of Gaulding Cay, Twin Sisters, Surfer’s Beach, and the incredibly stunning Queen’s Bath; a place where when the tide is low little pools form and warm in the sun, full of sea life trapped for the day until the tide comes back again.

My days were filled with snorkeling and at night I did a lot of sketching by way of flashlight. I have a few new paintings in the works inspired by the colors and flora found on the island.

"Waiting for June" Gouache on railboard
Kelly Mitchell Gazdowicz
The “Ardent” 8x10 prints are now available in the shop. They turned out even lovelier than I could have hoped!
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New work in progress, continuing my experiments with gouache.

The piece was inspired by one of my all time favorite books, Watership Down and is my take on the Black Rabbit of Inlé.

Kelly Mitchell Gazdowicz

New print preview (available in the shop May 1st)
"Ardent" 8x10 graphite and watercolor
Kelly Mitchell Gazdowicz
Blooming into the Night, 2012
Kelly Mitchell Gazdowicz

I’ve been antsy to paint lately, but haven’t had the time or will to fully immerse myself in it as I like to do. Which usually means having my oil painting supplies scattered everywhere around the studio in a huge, glorious mess and focusing on nothing else for weeks at a time.

My solution was to scale it back a bit and experiment with a painting style that requires less time, less space. Enter gouache.

Gouache and graphite on rail board, work in progress

This small original is now available in the shop.
It can be found here